The Unique Benefits of being a Motel Owner/Operator

The Unique Benefits of being a Motel Owner/Operator

So you have made the decision to buy a Business:
There are many thousands of different types of Businesses that are being operated in Australia by individual owners, couples, families and Companies and Corporations. The Businesses range from having a single worker (the owner) up to major Businesses that have
thousands of employees.

Obviously, many factors are relevant when a decision has to be made as to what line of business to enter, but for the average person or family, there are many constraints placed upon them by their limited knowledge and skills, financial circumstances, the business location and the continual work and effort required in some businesses.

Traditionally, there are many good reasons why persons without any particular marketing and/or specialist skills seek out a business in the hospitality sector. To a person new to any type of business operation, this certainly makes a good qualified Motel one of the best choices
for many people.

The advantages of Motel ownership are many and include:

  1. In just about all cases, your business is also your home, so your daily living expenses are greatly reduced as you only have one power bill, one integrated grocery bill, no separate rates or rent and no duplication of property maintenance and/or upkeep.
  2. Owning and living in a motel also gives the benefits of time and cost savings because you are “living on the job” and so are relieved of the daily effort and cost of travel to and from your business morning and night.
  3. A business operator who is not under time or other pressures also benefits by being able to use the additional time for business planning and also to improve customer relationships with their customers. The benefit of this is naturally to create the best possible relationship with each customer for the ultimate purpose of retaining each and every customer for repeat business – in the case of motels that is follow up occupancy with further bookings. As would be expected, increased occupancy rate equates to higher turnover and profit. This is not only beneficial to you as the present owner as it gives a higher income, but it also makes your motel more valuable when it becomes times come to sell. 

    If you are truly interested in buying a motel, you are invited to take advantage of my many years experience involved with Motels and Motel

    Sales to help you achieve your goal.
    Please feel free to contact me with your requirements or for further information by email at or more directly on my mobile 0412 724 632.
    For your information
    William (Bill) Black
    Thrifty Motels Pty Ltd
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