Thrifty Motels are a Group of Independent Motel Operators net-working together with a common cause for the benefit of the travelling public. Our Motels are across the range from 2 star to 4 star so we have the flexibility to cater for most of your desired needs. Whatever the rating, be assured that you – as our customer – will be classified as a very important person.

Motel Members of the Thrifty Motel chain, as professional Motel operators, are genuinely pleased to offer you consistent and comfortable motel accommodation at realistic prices.

As a Group, we are able to offer to our many customers additional Services that would not be possible as single operators.


  • The Convenience of Travel Planning Assistance and Forward Bookings.
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards for regular patrons with our Thrifty VIP Guest Card you will receive 10%
  • Discount off accommodation costs at any Thrifty Motel (subject to some conditions).
  • Links to other Tourist and Information Sites and Services
  • On-Line Information and Help Service

We are pleased to include among our regular guests:

      • Tourists and Holiday Makers
      • Casual and Regular Travellers
      • Business and Commercial Reps
      • Government and Semi-Government Consultants

With a growing List of Motel Members in most parts of Australia, we can normally assist you with most of your motel accommodation and travel needs.


With our Motels comprising AAA ratings across the range of ratings, you are advised to use these ratings as a Guide to select a Motel that will satisfy your own standard of facilities required.

We also urge you to take full advantage of our suggestion books and let us know of any short comings and how our service/s can be improved.

For any further direct information or assistance, you can contact any of our listed Motels or the Head Office of Thrifty Motels Pty Ltd by phone , fax or email.

  • mobile: 0412 724632
  • fax: (07)3245 6163
  • email: info@thriftymotels.com.au

We wish you happy travelling with Thrifty Motels.